September 8th, 2006


How to download YouTube videos, record audio

A friend asked how to download YouTube videos and record audio from them. My answer's below -- anyone have other recommendations?

What kind of computer does she have? If she has a Mac, she can download the entire video with TubeSock, and capture the sound with Wiretap Pro/Audio Hijack.

As for windows, check this page out:

Scanning through the posts, here's the recipe I would recommend (haven't tried it personally yet, but it should work). I'm assuming that your friend has no pre-existing sound editing software and no money.

* Enter the YouTube URL here to get the flash video (.flv) file url:

* Click to download. Rename with extension .flv

* Play the downloaded file with FLV Player 1.3.3

* Record and edit the sound with Audacity:

A sound recording tutorial is available here: