August 31st, 2006


Little Miss Sunshine

Saw Little Miss Sunshine last weekend. I haven't laughed so much during a movie in a long time. Full of black humor, and characters that you love despite (or because of) their flaws. Although the movie occasionally gently pushes against the bounds of plausibility, it felt emotionally real throughout. Fans of The Daily Show or The Office (American version) will also be pleased to see Steve Carrell, albeit playing a straight (so to speak) role. Highly recommended.

GEEK: Ruby scripts to compare the contents of directory to svn

A pair of functions I wrote that compare the contents of a configuration directory on a remote server with the expected contents in SVN. compareDir is the first draft and compareDirTwo is the second draft. compareDirTwo compares all of the files in all the directories below, whereas the compareDir only goes one level and doesn't compare the files in the topmost level. The compare flag will cause the function to compare the contents of the files, in addition to checking for existence. It assumes that all files are text files. Pasted here to remind me how I wrote the compareDir function, because I'm deleting it and it has some tricks in it that I want to remember.

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