July 14th, 2006


The Amazing Screw on Head

Via tdj: The Amazing Screw on Head

I watched the pilot, and it's good stuff.


"Amazing Screw-On Head features the voices of Paul Giamatti, David Hyde Pierce and Molly Shannon in a story about a robot secret agent (Giamatti) working for the U.S. government under President Lincoln. After watching the pilot of Amazing Screw-On Head, SCI FI Pulse viewers will be asked to fill out an online survey crafted by the NBC Universal research department. The results of the online survey will help SCI FI executives decide whether or not to green-light the pilot to series. Produced by Kickstart Productions, the pilot was written by Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls). Fuller and Jason Netter serve as executive producers, with Mignola as art director. Chris Prynoski directs."