May 13th, 2006


Ben Stein Wants Your Money

Well, not exactly. Stein wants the Fed's to tax rich people more (1).

For reason's that I'll explain below, I think that's an unsound idea. However, let me tell you a story about "J" first.

Almost every family has a J, it seems. My friend B, for example. His parents are well-to-do, his father having spent most of his career as a C-level executive for Fortune 500 corporations. B's brother J is 19 years old. He lives at home while he attends college nearby.

That is, that's what his parents thought he was doing. Turns out he had flunked out months ago, and instead was spending his days smoking pot bought with his income as a part-time Walmart clerk, and boffing his Brazilian girlfriend.

J's parents don't know what to do with him. Should they kick him out? Will he straighten up, and fly right? Or will he become even more dissolute? At least if he stays at home, they can keep an eye on him.

Whether he stays or goes however, one thing everyone agrees on: don't give him more money. Any money given him now would just go up in a cloud of pot smoke.

But giving money to J pales in comparison to what Stein asks us to do in his most recent column.

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