February 14th, 2006


Couple creates ecologically friendly home


Couple creates ecologically friendly home
Jan Risher

OPELOUSAS - Tony Adrian and Marie Bossard live in a beautiful 1,400-square-foot house on the outskirts of town.
Their monthly electricity bill is zero.

Their monthly water bill is zero.

In fact, they don't even receive utility bills.
All of the home's energy comes from solar panels situated in the side yard. All of the home's water comes from the sky, safely stored and filtered through a rainwater harvesting system.

Adrian said that if it's not the only home in Louisiana "100 percent off the grid," it's one of a very few.

"It's a system. It's not just a house," said Adrian, a transplant from New Mexico who fell in love with French Louisiana culture shortly after he moved to the area in 1976. Adrian, 46, and Bossard, 45, run their home-based nursing software business out of their carefully built home.

Adrian explained that when he and his wife approached architect Eddie Cazayoux, they had three criteria. They wanted their home to be energy efficient, easy to clean and made of recycled materials when possible.

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