January 9th, 2006


LED Grow Lights


Light For Plants, Not People
LEDtronics Introduces LED Plant Light Bars for Plant Growth

TORRANCE, CA – December 14, 2005 – LEDtronics announces LED Plant Light Bars for Plant Growth.

How do plants capture and use light? This question has been studied and researched for decades, and researchers have long known that plants use different frequencies of light, or different colors of light, for different purposes. Some colors of light make plants grow and bloom, while others promote compact growth, and some aren't really used much at all. For example, the leaves of plants look green because they reflect green light. If a plant reflects a color of light instead of absorbing it, that color isn't used to help a plant grow.

Scientists used this knowledge to develop lamps that would let them raise plants without sunlight. Their new "grow lights" weren't developed from scratch. They took existing lamps, the same ones used to light our homes and factories, and modified them to produce more of the colors of light that are used efficiently for plant growth.

And they were successful.

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