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January 7th, 2006 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Jan. 7th, 2006

04:45 pm - Skeletor sings YMCA

Via kindofstrange:

A tribute to Ray Harryhausen..

04:46 pm - Light saber dancing

Via stmachiavelli:

Light saber dancing.

04:49 pm - Shall we enhance?


Shall we enhance?

Transhumanism says we're a species in flux

By Elaine Jarvik

Deseret Morning News

Stupidity and sadness, cancer and bad golf scores. In the world
according to transhumanism, these and other human frailties will
eventually go the way of scurvy. Also on the horizon: immortality.
Jessica Berry, Deseret Morning News
The possibilities are either tantalizing or terrifying, depending
on your point of view. Transhumanists embrace a future in which everyone
has the right to live a life beyond current biological limitations.
Their detractors argue that all these radical enhancements will make us
less human.
That depends on what you mean by "human," say transhumanists,
whose very name suggests a species in flux.

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06:34 pm - You Might Be A Survivalist If...

- You have emergency rations for your pets, and view your pets as
potential emergency rations.

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