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December 14th, 2005 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Dec. 14th, 2005

12:48 am - Bad Bird

Via Erosblog, originally found on Biker's Balls and Teacher's Tits

The service tech came in and I showed him to the location of the new outlet. Not five minutes later and Uccello started acting for the man. Dancing on his perch and singing to the music that was playing. All was fine until the chattering started. I was hoping that man would just ignore the bird, but it is difficult to ignore a 40 inch bird dangling upside down from his perch while yelling, "Look at me! Look!"

The cable guy did not look at him so Uccello started squawking. I went over to him to talk and give him attention so he would not interrupt the worker, but Uccello did not want my attention. He wanted the attention of the new guy!

Uccello continued, "Suck me, baby, suck me." That phrase got the man's attention. A smile came to his face.

The bird continued through his extensive lexicon of words. Repeating certain phrases that The Biker especially enjoys. I could feel my face turning red as I sat there caught between being embarrassed and wanting to just laugh out loud. "Pretty tits. Woo Hoo. Pretty tits," he said. I had to cover my breasts with my arms thinking that now the technician would be examining my chest, however his eyes did not leave his work.

"Fuck me hard, (inserting my nickname for The Biker). Do it!" Now I had to bite my lip.

The talking, squawking, acrobatics, and dancing continued, "Harder. Oh yeh!. faster. Oh yeh!" and "I'm so wet. Eat me." until finally, seemingly exhausted by not getting the attention he deserved Uccello concluded with his new line, "Make me cum. Make me cum!"

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12:51 am - Hostility to Atheists

Lot's of fascinating research on public attitudes toward atheists at Volokh Conspiracy:

Moreover, there seems to be a great deal of hostility to atheists among the public: A July 7, 2005 Pew Research Center poll, for instance, asked people about their views of various religious and political grounds, and whether "your overall opinion of [the group] is very favorable, mostly favorable, mostly unfavorable, or very unfavorable?" For Catholics, the total unfavorable percentage was 14%; for Jews, 7%; for "Evangelical Christians," 19%; for "Muslim Americans," 25%; for "Atheists, that is, people who don't believe in God," it was 50%, including 28% "very unfavorable" (only 35% said they had either a "very favorable" or "mostly favorable" view of atheists).

09:19 pm - Live Longer With Evolution? Evidence May Lie in Fruit Flies


December 6, 2005
A Conversation With Michael R. Rose
Live Longer With Evolution? Evidence May Lie in Fruit Flies

In the 1970's, Michael R. Rose made scientific history with experiments manipulating the life spans of fruit flies.

Through selective breeding, Dr. Rose was able to create a long-lived line of creatures he called Methuselah flies. He then put his research into reverse and developed flies with much shortened life spans.

All this was accomplished within 12 generations by accelerating the evolutionary processes in a laboratory setting.

These days Dr. Rose, who is 50, breeds fruit flies at the University of California, Irvine, where he is a professor of evolutionary biology. From there, he also directs the Intercampus Research Program on Experimental Evolution for the University of California system.

Dr. Rose, who was born in Canada, was in New York recently to promote his book "The Long Tomorrow: How Advances in Evolutionary Biology Can Help Us Postpone Aging."

Q. You are an evolutionary biologist by profession. As a researcher trained mostly in Canada and England, are you astonished by the American battles over Darwinism?

A. Not since coming to California. In 1987, the first day I ever gave a class at Irvine, there was a riot in my classroom. I was introducing the basic principles of evolution, and pandemonium broke out - yelling, students pounding the tables. That was the day I learned about evolution in America.

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