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November 1st, 2005 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Nov. 1st, 2005

08:01 pm - The Anti-Debt Crusader

Via Instapundit:


October 30, 2005
The Anti-Debt Crusader

One afternoon not long ago, Dave Ramsey received a call on his Nashville-based radio show from a young man named Jerry in Texas who was about to be married. "The problem I'm having is, well, first of all, I've been married before, and she's never been married before," Jerry began rather tentatively, "so, you know, the wedding is a little bit bigger than I expected." Ramsey laughed sympathetically. Jerry continued: "I have about five or six thousand dollars in credit-card debt now. She has about the same. And when she comes up with things like, well, you know, the limo is going to be this amount . . . I really don't have an option other than to put them on my credit card. So when I ask her, well, where is this money going to come from, I feel like my character is being assassinated, like I'm not being supportive, I don't want the marriage, I'm not going along with it."

At this point, Ramsey cut in: "You've got someone who is being financially irresponsible and expects you to do something just because they showed up. I mean, what are you going to do 30 years into this marriage?" Jerry remained silent. Ramsey went on: "You guys need premarital counseling in the worst way to determine if this marriage should go forward, and if it should go forward, you will pay cash for the wedding, not put it on your credit card, and we - she and you - will work to put together a budget.

"Jerry," Ramsey concluded, "do not marry this girl unless you get some premarital counseling. Period."

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