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October 3rd, 2005 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Oct. 3rd, 2005

01:09 pm - Rejected "Serenity" Tag Lines

Via Serenitymovie.com:

"Coming Soon To Illegal DVD"

"A Stern Warning Of Things To Come"

"Fun For The Whole Family, Except Grandma and Grandpa"

"Soon To Be A Major Religon"

"Not Affiliated With Serenity Incontinence Products"

"A By Product Of The Fox Network"

"Like Firefly, But With Swearing and Partial Nudity"

"It's Like Lord Of The Rings...IN SPACE!"

"Voted Movie Of The Year by Serenitymovie.com"

"It's Like Buffy But With Spaceships and Hookers, And None Of That Vampire Shit".

"From The Makers Of Alien Resurrection"

"A Movie As Exciting As Its Title"

"See it before they make the sequel."

"It puts the 'S' in 'Hit Movie'."

"See the movie that's controversial, exciting, and critically acclaimed. But if that's not playing, see Serenity."

"A Sci-fi Horror Epic From The Writer Of Roseanne"

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