July 1st, 2005


Wanna drive a bulldozer?

Now you can. [In Germany]. This is so cool. Via ehintz


Big toys for boys at Germany's Monster Park

July 01 2005 at 10:36AM

By Ernest Gill

Hamburg - Almost every boy has dreamt of driving a bulldozer or operating a big crane or pressing the pedal to the metal of an earth mover the size of a house.

Alas, that dream never comes true for most boys, who grow up to work in stuffy offices, wearing stuffy suits and neckties, driving nothing bigger than a family car.

But an enterprising construction contractor in Germany has come up with a money-making scheme for putting his idle machinery to use on weekends - by turning his bulldozer lot into a theme park where boys of all ages can come and make that childhood dream come true.

'It's like being in one great big sandbox with the toy bulldozer I had as a kid'
He calls it the Monster Park, and on any given Saturday the sprawling dirt lot in the Bavarian town of Rattelsdorf near Bamberg is teeming with men and boys happily clambering into truly monstrous equipment.

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