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December 25th, 2004 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Dec. 25th, 2004

01:42 am - Sailboat shaped airship



Patents; And for the commuter, buses located by satellite, an airship with sails and an amphibious bicycle.
Published: August 28, 2000

FOR generations, urban commuters have stood on curbs in every kind of weather, doing the same dance: bodies tilted, necks craned and eyes scanning the traffic horizon to see if the bus is coming.

Now there is an invention that could end those contortions.

Paul Freda and Kenneth Schmier, who live in San Francisco, have patented a system that uses orbital satellites, global positioning technology, computer networks and wireless communications to pinpoint buses along their routes and transmit the locations to the public.

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09:38 pm - Boy or girl?

My brother Joe is going to get married on January 7. His fiance, Nicole, is expecting their child around Mar. 27th.

Me: Do you know if it's going to be a boy or girl?
Joe: We had an ultrasound, but asked them not to tell us.
Me: What if it turns out to be a hermaphrodite?
Nicole: We'll name it Chris.

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