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November 15th, 2004 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Nov. 15th, 2004

12:41 am - [GEEK] Charm

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01:40 am

I went to see the Incredibles on Saturday with the ivanafox. Superb. Funny, fast-paced, and surprisingly dark in places. Afterwards, ivanafox and I discussed why it was that scientists were so often portrayed as villians: Doc Oc, The Riddler, Dr. Totenkpf, Mr. Freeze, Dr. Frankenstein, etc...rarely are scientists portrayed as heroes. I think it's due in part to fear of science, but I also think it's due to a limitation imposed by the "comic-book" school of villainy--if you want to threaten the world, there's only a few ways to do it. Mad politicians. Natural disasters. Aliens.

And mad scientists. Which I suppose reveals the power that people perceive scientists to have.

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