October 11th, 2004


Damn. Superman is dead.

Actor Christopher Reeve Dies of Heart Failure
Mon Oct 11, 2004 03:05 AM ET

By Chris Michaud

NEW YORK (Reuters) - "Superman" actor Christopher Reeve, paralyzed when he fell from a horse nine years ago, has died in a New York hospital of heart failure, his publicist said on Monday.

Reeve, 52, went into a coma on Saturday when he suffered a heart attack during treatment for an infected pressure wound and died in hospital on Sunday afternoon without regaining consciousness, publicist Wesley Combs told reporters.

Reeve's wife Dana issued a statement thanking "the millions of fans around the world who have supported and loved my husband over the years."

Reeve, confined to a wheelchair since his riding accident in 1995, had in recent years campaigned for the rights of the disabled and for stepped-up research into the treatment of spinal cord injuries.

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Sears Kit Houses


Yesterday's kit houses are today's sought-after properties
By Jesse Leavenworth, The Hartford Courant
For thousands of people, the American dream came ready to assemble, from front porch columns to back door trim.
Sears, Roebuck & Co. of Chicago sold about 100,000 "kit" houses from 1908 to 1940. Aladdin of Bay City, Mich., delivered about 65,000 Readi-Cut models.
Altogether, the mail-order home industry sold about half a million whole-house packages from California to Connecticut.

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October 10, 2004
Are You With Him? Why Yes, Want to Date Him?

DANIEL BLUMBERG, a 38-year-old filmmaker, arrived at a party on the roof of the Gansevoort hotel on a Thursday night with a young woman named Allison Frenkel. The two had met just a few minutes before, in front of the hotel in the meatpacking district, but after a peck on the cheek and a few pleasantries they were already familiar. So much so that halfway through their first drink they were circling the roof deck and discussing which women caught Mr. Blumberg's eye.

Ms. Frenkel discreetly tilted her chin toward a blonde in a white dress and asked, "Do you like her?"

Mr. Blumberg shook his head no. "Well, let's keep circulating," Ms. Frenkel said.

When he expressed no interest in the next woman she pointed to, a brunette in a preppy sweater, Ms. Frenkel shrugged. "He's the man, whatever he wants," she said. "It is not about me." Then Mr. Blumberg gestured toward the bar area. "What about that Kylie Minogue look-alike over there?" A moment later the couple headed over.

Ms. Frenkel was not on a date with Mr. Blumberg, in pursuit of a kinky threesome; she was on the clock. A 29-year-old graduate student, she is one of a dozen women who work for a New York-based Web site called Wingwomen.com, earning up to $30 an hour to accompany single men to bars and help them chat up other women. The Web site's founder, Shane Forbes, a computer programmer, started it in December after realizing he had more success with women when he went to clubs with female friends. "Every time I was with them, I would meet women," he said.

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