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September 21st, 2004 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Sep. 21st, 2004

11:55 am - Ken Kam chat at Business Week Online

Ken Kam, the CEO of Marketocracy (the company I work for) was recently interviewed for Business Week Online.

08:02 pm - Craziest

One of my nightmares is to play Scrabble with a beautiful woman. A woman I fancy.

My nightmare was filmed in one of the episodes of the HBO series, The Sopranos.

In that episode, Meadow, Tony Soprano's daughter, plays Scrabble with her boyfriend, Jackie, Jr.

As Meadow surveys the board, she tally's the words Jackie, Jr. has laid down.


...and she realizes that Jackie, Jr. is not "The One". And, this being the Sopranos, Jackie, Jr's failure at Scrabble foreshadows a rather unpleasant fate.

Which is why I was unsurprised to come across this cautionary tale on the dangers of Scrabble. (Thanks, patrissimo)

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