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August 3rd, 2004 - Open Knowledge

Aug. 3rd, 2004

02:40 pm - White House West

Will Ferrell is President Bush at White House West.

05:21 pm - Self-reliance at home


Self-reliance at home [Merritt College - Oakland]
Most of us don't get a chance to build a house from scratch. One college building demonstrates how to make our tract houses green
source: Eve Kushner San Francisco Chronicle 2004.1.17

In a recent discussion about the Self-Reliant House at Oakland's Merritt College, one militantly green architect sniffed with distaste and said he didn't condone such places. What's not to like about a little building that demonstrates environmentally friendly ways to retrofit homes? According to the architect, people too often content themselves with small alterations, rather than building new houses based on green principles.

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06:48 pm - The Worm Composting Toilet


The Worm Composting Toilet

by S. Zorba Frankel

A worm composting toilet is a beautiful thing and a marvel to behold when it has been designed well and, consequently, is operating smoothly. Fortunately, correct operation only requires an understanding of general, basic worm composting and only infrequent maintenance. This article will guide you in the construction of a simple outhouse, and give basic operating instructions for a worm composting toilet.

Operating a worm composting toilet is very easy. One of life’s great satisfactions is the ability to close the organics loop in making our daily deposit at the “worm bank.” In return, redworms present us with “black gold” for our trees.

As easy as the vermicomposting toilet is to operate, it’s better to get experience first operating a worm bin for kitchen scraps. After managing (and troubleshooting) your worm bin, you’ll find it easy to run a worm composting toilet. So, give it a try!

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11:06 pm - Napoleon Dynamite

I'm looking forward to seeingNapoleon Dynamite.

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