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July 29th, 2004 - Open Knowledge

Jul. 29th, 2004

03:18 pm - Whole Foods: The Anarchist's Cookbook

Via tdj:

From: Issue 84 July 2004, Page 70
By: Charles Fishman
URL: http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/84/wholefoods.html

The Anarchist's Cookbook

John Mackey's approach to management is equal parts Star Trek and 1970s flashback. It seems like a recipe for disaster, but at Whole Foods it's a prescription for world-beating growth -- and maybe for a world-changing company.

In March 2003 in the elegant ballroom of the Fairmont hotel in Santa Monica, California, John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, tried several times to cut off the animal-rights activist.

Lauren Ornelas, director of Viva! USA, a group devoted to improving the living conditions of farm animals, was doing a lot more than asking a question at Mackey's annual shareholder meeting. She had taken the floor to make a speech about ducks -- a speech about the treatment and lives of the ducks that end up trussed and chilled in the display cases of Mackey's stores, ready to cook and eat.

"She was disrupting our meeting," says Mackey. "She was trying to force her worldview on other people."

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09:35 pm - Tentology


09:37 pm - Something only an artist would say...

"SO within one year, I will have the technology to able to drive to a field
in the middle of nowhere, and leave behind a 30 foot high boot made of
concrete, good for 50 to 100 years minimum, now how impressive is that???"

09:39 pm - VW engine to 58 cfm/100 psi air compressor

Kit available from Dunn Right

10:07 pm - Powerbox generator/welder/air compressor

Prices range from about $3000 for the Powerbox 150 to $16000 for the Powerbox 450 (diesel fueled engine).


Electrical output ranges from 4,500 watts to 13,000 watts (enough power to run a circular saw, nailer, plasma arc cutter and welder all at once.)

Welding output ranges from 175 to 350 amps continuous duty

Compressed air output ranges from 6.5 to 70 CFM @ 100 PSI with up to 145 PSI max 

10-gallon air storage tanks.

Up to 24 hours of runtime with a large 12.5-gallon fuel tank.

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