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July 21st, 2004 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Jul. 21st, 2004



BUOYANT CONCRETE FOR OCEAN CONSTRUCTION, Technical Note N-1232, Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory, Port Hueneme, CA, by Harold M. Kusano, June 1972, 34 pages.

NCELTNN1232 CD media: Shipping: Within 72 hours. Cost: $50.00 + S/H

09:40 am - Fable of the Dragon-tyrant

Via tdj:

Fable of the Dragon-tyrant. A must read.

"...Over the course of these centuries, the dragon, being well fed, slowly but steadily grew bigger. It had become almost as large as the mountain on which it lived. And its appetite had increased proportionately. Ten thousand human bodies were no longer enough to fill its belly. It now demanded eighty thousand, to be delivered to the foot of the mountain every evening at the onset of dark...."

10:45 am - Airport juggles private planes


my dad was in the paper -- probably only of interest to familyCollapse )

11:40 pm - Do high schools make sense in an age of jets and Internet?

Phillip Greenspun has a modest proposal:

"Do high schools make sense in an age of jets and Internet?

I've recently finished up the school year doing volunteer tutoring in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts's most expensive (and one of the worst-performing) public high schools, right across the street here in Cambridge.  Simultaneously I've been reading some articles about the most expensive high school ever built in the United States, the $286 million Belmont Learning Center in Los Angeles (background article).  I'm beginning to wonder if the idea of a local public high school isn't just a leftover habit from the 19th century when international travel was expensive and time-consuming and telecommunications did not exist.

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