June 20th, 2004




"...After Bike-E, we stopped at a cafe and met this other guy on a house-bike! The most incredible thing I've ever seen on two wheels! This guy, Brian, built a 20 foot house on two wheels. Granted the house part is the size of a two-man tent, but it was still incredible! All styrofoam and aluminum. He had a moped wheel in front and a Nissan wheel in back. The front wheel was attached to a generator which recharged a battery. When he needed to, he could flip a switch and the whole thing would be motorized. He claims to have gone 73 miles an hour on this thing! He's been living out of this house-bike for 5 years now, and this is his 13th model (the last one burned up in a fire). Absolutely amazing!..."

Bicycle Bill's Pedal Powered House

From the November 22-29, 2000 issue of Metro Santa Cruz.


Pedal Powered

For bicycle mechanic Bicycle Bill, riding a stationary bike isn't just exercise--it's a way of life. Bicycle Bill lives downtown in a pedal-powered home he designed and built himself. The structure, which is 15 feet long, 3 feet wide and 8 feet high, can travel at 3 to 4 miles per hour but has been parked all summer at the Hub for Sustainable Transportation on Walnut Avenue, where Bicycle Bill fixes bikes.

Bills points out that all the electrical devices in his home could be powered by a stationary bicycle hooked up to an electric generator--although his home is currently power by converted energy from candles.

Before he moved to Santa Cruz, Bicycle Bill had already built more than seven pedal-powered vehicles. His favorite, "The Spirit of Bucky Fuller" (named after the fuel-efficient car Buckminster Fuller invented in the 1930s), could travel across the city of Sacramento in 30 minutes. Creating a "body shell" for Bucky gave it better aerodynamics and doubled its speed, Bill explains.

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