April 22nd, 2004


The Suit Case House


"...The Palace Corporation's Suitcase House, illustrated here, may have seemed less than palatial to some prospective homeowners, but, as the advertisement indicates, it could be unfolded and ready for occupancy a mere twenty minutes after delivery and weighed only ten pounds per square foot of living space. The manufacturer's recommended uses included housing for farm labor, prisoners of war, and invasion beachheads. The cartoon at right, however, implies that even newlyweds with a boisterous pet could find comfort and happiness in the Suitcase House, at least in the short term...."


The Case For Partitioning Iraq


By Carroll Andrew Morse

Partitioning Iraq after June 30 deserves serious consideration. Usually, the argument in favor of partition is very pragmatic. Many of the worst cases of recent, organized violence -- Rwanda, Serbia, Chechnya, etc. -- had their roots in different ethnic populations forced to live together within a single state. The argument that we can head off some future campaign of ethnic cleansing by not forcing the Sunnis, the Shiites and the Kurds of Iraq to live together in the first place should not be lightly dismissed. There are other arguments supporting partition, however, that must be considered by a world that claims to take ideas like freedom and democracy seriously.

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