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February 29th, 2004 - Open Knowledge

Feb. 29th, 2004

01:14 am - Kitchen Table Ammunition Factory

Reload bullets in your own apartment.

01:30 am - Make your own stove top still

Make your own stove top still (among other things) using household materials.

03:25 pm

Q: Why did Jesus die on the cross?
A: Because he forgot the safe word.

[Stolen from rumspringa. Original edited for increased humor value by futuregirl.]

11:45 pm - Living In Southeast Asia Aboard Your Own Boat?


Living In Southeast Asia Aboard Your Own Boat?
Travel On The High Seas ~ by Harold Stephens

You have heard so much about Southeast Asia, you wouldn’t mind living here. Imagine warm balmy weather all year round, where the living is cheap, where the lifestyle is exotic and exciting. But you can’t make up your mind. Maybe it’s Bangkok, or better yet, one of those beautiful islands they talk about in Thailand. Or is it Bali. It could be the Malay Peninsula, or in tropical Philippines. Even busy Singapore. What if I say you can live in them all, by taking your living accommodations with you. You can live in Southeast Asia aboard your own boat. Think about it. In Thailand you can sail up the Chao Phraya and moor a hundred different places, or you can go down to Pattaya and anchor off shore one week and move to Koh Samui the next. When the northeast monsoons begin blowing, you can move around to Phuket. Maybe you say you have to keep in contact; you have a business to run, work to perform. That excuse is no longer valid. With communications the way they are these days, you can live just about anyplace. So why not in the warm, tropical waters around Thailand, aboard you own boat and no rent to pay.

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