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February 23rd, 2004 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Feb. 23rd, 2004

10:14 am - Direcway Two-Way Mobile Broadband Internet


Price - $99 a month
Download speed - 400 to 1200 Kbps
Upload speed - 30 to 60 Kbps
Public IP - Optional
Coverage -- Most of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico
Dish cost -- ~$5000 installed

Beta tester description at this link:


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08:20 pm - My letter to the members of the Arizona House Health Committee

[This is a rough draft of the letter I'm planning to send tomorrow to the members of the Arizona House Health Committee, which is due to vote on the HB 2637 on Thursday. HB2637, if passed, would severely harm Alcor's ability to properly care for cryonics patients. Comments and and criticisms welcome. See my previous post for further details.]

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10:24 pm - Attack of the Gay Agenda!

Courtesy of Miss Liberty's Film and TV World:

Attack of the Gay Agenda!

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