January 11th, 2004


LJ Academy awards

If Livejournal had an Academy Awards, these would be my nominations:

Best cut 'n pasted dialogue (both real life and IM): candid

Best stories about eccentric yet endearing dad: theuglyvolvo

Best stories about sex work in Seattle: motel666

Best captions for 50's era news art: with_gusto

Best witty comments on other LJ's: Tie between madbard and mcsnee

Best updates on weird Japanese sexual practices: jwz

Best use of Hulk Hands: marieofroumania

Best false god: pee_paw

Best real-life Laura Croft: amanda42

Best snarky comments on weird internet stuff: Tie between littledevi and tdj

In memorium, best LJ's that are no longer updated/updated rarely:


Any other nominations?