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January 11th, 2004 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Jan. 11th, 2004

01:47 pm - I'm still worried.

Don't Worry

American Social Health Association United States Public Health Service hygiene poster, circa 1922. Courtesy of the American Social Hygiene Posters collection at the University of Minnesota Social Welfare History Archives.

08:43 pm - LJ Academy awards

If Livejournal had an Academy Awards, these would be my nominations:

Best cut 'n pasted dialogue (both real life and IM): candid

Best stories about eccentric yet endearing dad: theuglyvolvo

Best stories about sex work in Seattle: motel666

Best captions for 50's era news art: with_gusto

Best witty comments on other LJ's: Tie between madbard and mcsnee

Best updates on weird Japanese sexual practices: jwz

Best use of Hulk Hands: marieofroumania

Best false god: pee_paw

Best real-life Laura Croft: amanda42

Best snarky comments on weird internet stuff: Tie between littledevi and tdj

In memorium, best LJ's that are no longer updated/updated rarely:


Any other nominations?

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