November 28th, 2003


Tool cases

I don't care for blow molded tool cases that most retail power tools ship with. My preference would be for foam padded (like the foam on back pack handles), zippered pouches, with backpack style handles.

I would also like tool rolls that consisted of a large sheet of cordura fabric covered with a big sheet of velcro (loop side). The tools would be held in individually sized cordura sheaths/pouches with velcro (hook side) on the back. You could then mix and match tools on the tool roll, swap in the tools that you use frequently, swap out the tools that you don't. And since they're attached with velcro, you could move them around to use the space more efficiently.

Office Space action figures

If they don't already exist, I think that there could be a market for them. Milton, Biker Neighbor, Lumbergh, Peter, etc.

Along with accessories like "Cubicle", "Cantankerous Volvo". "Barren Apartment", "F***IN' Copier', etc.


Mike Judge, the director of 'Office Space', also created "Beavis and Butthead", and "King of the Hill". He has a degree in physics from UCSD, and began his career as an engineer working on test systems for F-18 jets.