November 6th, 2003


Cargo Container Homes

cargo trailer home

Price for base unit: $8,500

Be sure to read the FAQ.

Among the advantagess:

* Designed around the dimensions of an ISO standard shipping container, so can be shipped inexpensively anywhere in the world. (Overland shipping cost is about $1.00/mile).

* Run on propane. Can be shipped with year's fuel supply for refrigeration, lighting, and hot water.

* Wired for 12 V, so lighting can be supplied by solar or wind.

* Roofs are designed to capture rain water.

Standardizing End Frames Give Exporters Passport to More Markets

Amelia Island, FL - More American exporters of modular and mobile homes are using the Standardizing End Frame system to lower their shipping costs, reported Bob Allison CEO, World Homes Inc.

Allison, who invented the patented system, explained, "Container ships offer the least expensive and fastest transit between all the world's ports. With Standardizing End Frames, modulars can be stacked, shipped and handled just like containers. The problem of road transport in foreign countries is similarly solved by delivering the modulars from the port to the building site on the same truck-trailers used for delivering international shipping containers."

Allison regularly travels between U.S. and Canadian home manufacturers to teach production crews how to properly assemble and install the Standardizing End Frames. He reported that in the past few months producers have employed the system to ship homes to such diverse destinations as Beijing and Angola.

"None of the recent orders would have been shipped without the low rates offered on the container ships," Allison said.
Frames let Southern Energy Homes enter competitive European market

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