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October 7th, 2003 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Oct. 7th, 2003

12:41 am - Male contraceptive '100% effective'

Via krikket:


Male contraceptive '100% effective'

Sally Bolton
Monday October 6, 2003

Australian scientists announced today that they have developed a 100% effective, injectable male contraceptive that could provide a side effect-free alternative to the female pill.

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03:01 am - TerraWind: Amphibious Motor Home

God's other way of telling you have too much money:

01:10 pm - Alternative Learning and Back To Nature Press


Jason's Biography

I am twenty years old and have been an autodidact all my life. I always found it amazing that every summer (every single day during the summer, in fact) I would learn more than I had during an entire year in school. I remember my teachers explaining the reasons why I had to go to school: to get ahead in the world, to get a good job, to make money, and to be successful. Even though I was very young, this explanation didn't make much sense to me, and I asked myself, "How exactly is school going to help us get 'ahead' when everyone is learning exactly the same thing?" I learned that it was futile to ask such questions so I kept them to myself and accepted them as mysteries of life. I had already learned many of the things that the schools had to teach, simply by being inquisitive in the real world, and so I often sat bored in class while everyone else was taught things I already knew. I was fed-up with this by high school and looked desparately for a way out but there was none to be seen. I was very close to leaving school and doing some kind of self-study (which, as I later learned, is called "unschooling"). However, when I was given the opportunity to attend the Massachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science, a supposedly open-ended school for "gifted and talented" (I hate those words) students, I thought I had finally found a school that would cater to my needs. I learned a lot about myself at the Academy, met some great people, and grew a lot as a person, but I really didn't learn a thing about mathematics or science (with the exception of some senior year courses I took at the university)!

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10:08 pm - Experts are divided on Free-Staters impact


Experts are divided on Free-Staters impact


Staff Writer

As members of the Free State Project prepare to move to the Granite State, local observers say the group’s effect could be minimal, but one University of New Hampshire expert says it’s important not to underestimate their potential.

The Free State Project announced on Wednesday that New Hampshire had been selected as the organization’s target state through a process in which members chose among several states on a variety of criteria.

The Free State Project is a political movement attempting to convince 20,000 limited government activists to move to New Hampshire with the intent of influencing public policy.

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