October 1st, 2003


'Free staters' pick New Hampshire to liberate for sex, guns and drugs

'Free staters' pick New Hampshire to liberate for sex, guns and drugs

Fringe activists hope to infiltrate vote and set up a breakaway minimalist government

Joanna Walters in New York
Wednesday October 1, 2003
The Guardian

A libertarian movement promoting "minimalist government", the free market, drugs, prostitution and gun ownership plans to infiltrate New Hampshire to create a breakaway American regime, its leaders will announce today.

The Free State Project, which has supporters in the UK and worldwide, will reveal today at a meeting in New York that its members have voted for the small but highly-symbolic north-eastern state as its target to win power.

Project chiefs will now try to persuade 20,000 people to move to New Hampshire and sway the electorate towards blocking federal "nanny" laws and social restrictions.

Jason Sorens, a lecturer in political science at Yale University and president of the project, said he wants to create an "autocratic territory" and the Free State Project will follow the examples of the Mormons in Utah, the French separatists in Quebec, Canada, and the conservative Amish religious communities.

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New Hampshire named Free State

The Guardian article regarding the FSP's choice of New Hampshire was amusingly biased. The AP report is more balanced:


If you haven't read much about the FSP before, the FSP FAQ is a good place to start:


Why Jason Sorens (project founder) thinks the FSP could be successful:


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