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September 9th, 2003 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Sep. 9th, 2003

01:59 pm - The truth about sexual attraction

The truth about sexual attraction

Joan Roughgarden, who was once a man, thinks Darwin got it wrong about
sex. By Laura Spinney

Laura Spinney
Thursday August 14, 2003
The Guardian

On a sweltering day in June 1997, a gay pride parade passed down
Market Street, San Francisco. Among the thousands marching was Joan -
then Jonathan - Roughgarden, a theoretical ecologist and marine
biologist of some repute. A few months later, at 52, she underwent a
sex change to become a transgendered woman. But that day was a turning
point of a different sort. "I was looking at all these people and
realising that my discipline said they weren't possible," she recalls.
"Homosexuality is not supposed to exist, according to biology."

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08:23 pm - Busy Day!

Boy, busy day today!

04:00 Bounced out of bed. Called Tony Robbins. Told him: "Cheer up, today's another day!"
04:15 Bowl of oat groats and mixed berries. Hmm...hmm..
04:30 Swedish aerobics.
05:30 Airlifted blind orphans from Cuba to D.C.
08:30 Changed batteries in G.W. Bush unit.
09:00 Did kitiara's nails.
09:30 Snacktime: apple plus cheese and crackers. Sold MSFT short.
09:35 Released worm. Covered short. Sigh. Another day, another $50 million.
10:35 Bridge with Warren. Won northern Nebraska and See's candy chain. Told me to "Fuck off!" when I told him he had a gambling problem.
11:20 Hurley called again. Must get unlisted number.
12:30 Checked LJ. Exchanged witty banter with theuglyvolvo.
12:45 Lunched with Greenspan. Man, doesn't he ever get tired of the "pull my finger" routine? Crabcake was delicious though.
01:30 Mud wrestling with Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.
03:30 Nap. Dreamt about playing "nursing home pinball".
04:30 Played "nursing home pinball" on my Segway
06:30 Bowling with Kim Sung Il. Told him he put too much jouche in his hair again. Now he's all sullen.
07:30 Sent next set of songs to Eminem.
08:30 Answered children's letters to Santa.
09:30 Dinner with Angelina. She cooked a delicious Porterhouse. Strange girl, but oh, such lips. Note to self: next time, I'm the one tying the scarves.
10:30 Hef called. No, it's 1/2 pill every 2 hours, not 2 pills every 1/2 hour. Man can never keep it straight.
10:45 Introspective moment. Asked myself: does money really buy happiness?
10:50 Chortled heartily.
11:00 Bedtime

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