August 13th, 2003


Global Freeloaders

Global Freeloaders.

A Experience
Comments from a Freeloader!

My first inkling that I was going to Europe came on New Year's Eve, 2001. A few toasts, a decision to travel again, and with my family and friends support I began making plans. It wasn't long before I realized, with a grad students budget, that I wasn't going to get far without making some concessions in traveling. So began the search for cheap everything.

Luckily for me the student services at my university were able to help me with my search for airfare. Cheap airfare aside I was still looking at quite a lot of money to find lodgings while on my trip. Having been a member of a courier service I recalled seeing an article about hospitality exchanges. Yet this concept, where a person or couple plans on swapping homes for a week or two with others from the country they wish to visit, wasn't feasible for me. While browsing these hospitality exchanges on the internet I chanced upon the name Global Freeloaders.

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