July 29th, 2003


Flash crowds as tool of non-violent resistance.

I expect that members of the FSP will begin to come into conflict with the Feds. For example, if New Hampshire legalizes marijuana, I can see the Feds coming to arrest growers just as they arrested medicinal marijuana growers in California. Could flash crowds be a tool to resist such arrests? Suppose every FSP member carried a SMS device. If a member is accosted by Federal police, they could send out an SOS along with their location. If enough FSP members appeared quickly enough with camcorders, they might be able to dissuade the arrest? Or at least mitigate harm? What if FSP members were wearing cameras 24 hours/day? Perhaps once there, FSP members could take a page from the greens/civil rights acitivists and handcuff themselves to the person to be arrested?

Pauper kings

Arnold Kling compares the lifestyle of Frederick Douglass , a freed slave who later become a wealthy publisher and civil rights advocate, with the lifestyle of the current working class residents of his Anacostia Park (Washington, D.C.) neighborhood. Conclusion: the "poor" of today live lifestyle equivalent to the wealthy of a hundred years ago.