July 24th, 2003


Free State Project

Just posted a note regarding the Free State Project to the armchair economist mailing list. I asked the following questions:


1) What reforms do you think should be the FSP's first priorities?

2) Assuming the FSP is successful, I expect that the "Free State" will become increasingly prosperous. As it does so, I predict that increasing numbers people will be attracted by the jobs, who have little understanding of the link between freedom and economic prosperity. What could the FSP members do to help ensure that the newly won freedoms won't be eroded by future generations of pro-government immigrants?

What do you think? Regular readers of my journal know all about the FSP by now, so I've put the prelude behind the cut.

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Running thoughts

When I go running, I often daydream about ideas that I have rolling around in my head. Most of them are probably crap, but I thought I'd post them just so they don't slip away. I make no claims about their workability, originality, ethics, etc.

* Solution to the high cost of housing for students, homeless, etc: Train them to build liveaboard sailboats. Middle class families would let people build boats in their back yard, and liveaboard for 1 year. In exchange, liveaboard tenant must either a) given them the boat after 2 years b) build them a new one.

* Floating cities. Can you grow an island? Are coral reefs air tight? Use same materials used for artificial blood vessels to create large hollow spheres. As coral grows around it, the material is subsumed by the coral. Result is a living floating island. What about ferrocement spheres? Tubes? Boxes?

* Bad neighbor credit agency. Next door neighbors play loud rap music at 2:00 a.m.? Fight and scream? Leave a dismantled Chevy impala in the driveway for 6 months? Leave trash, garbage strewn on lawn? Build house shaped liked giant nude woman? Report them to Bad Neighbor Credit Agency. When moving to new city, you could check the credit reports of the surrounding houses.

* Ship obnoxious homeless (obnoxious = trespass, public defecation, belligerent, smell bad) people to autonomous communities in Nevada/Arizona desert. Train them to build their own house, grow their own food. If they refuse to work, let them starve. Send them for one month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year increments if they repeatedly offend.

* Politicians use taxpayers own money to fight against political reform. Libertarians don't (directly) get any money by fighting government, but pro-government forces benefit directly. Beneficiaries of libertarian efforts may not even be aware that they are being benefited, or even be born yet (future children who will have to pay off U.S. debt). Example: aside from ideological satisfaction, how is Jason Sorens going to benefit from FSP? Does lib. activism require vow of poverty? Solution: offer to buy bonds that pay off in percentage (say, 5%) of annual increase in real income over 10 years. If no "real" increase, bond pays nothing. If real income increases by $2,000/year, then bond pays $100/year. How to prevent cheating by bond issuer? Audit of random sampling of bond issuers?