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July 21st, 2003 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Jul. 21st, 2003

11:24 pm - Oleg Volk

Oleg Volk has created a wonderful pictoral defense of the right to keep and bear arms. Now he has an LJ account: olegvolk!

11:42 pm - Libertarian men: mating or marching?

old_girl posits:

This is my theory about smart, rational, libertarian boys who try to get in my (and other girl's) pants: There is an intellectual barrier they will not cross when talking to you. They want to hear your ideas, what books inspire you, what motivates you. They will tell you your ideas are great and suggest even more books for you to read. They will tell you what their glorious plans are and ask about yours. But they aren't actually motivated by anything other than finding a mate and settling down. Activism is an infatuation until they find a mate.

Note: this has nothing to do with any of the LJ people who've tried to get in my pants.

My response:

Given the 9:1 male:female ratio in most libertarian/objectivist circles, most guys are going to have to look outside the community to find a mate. If he finds one, and if she's merely tolerant of his political views, she's going to look with a jaundiced eye upon any significant resources he might wish to devote to activism. Hence the decline in activism upon mating.

Even if they are ideologically compatible, there's still the issue of raising kids. Activism doesn't pay well, and once a kid enters the picture, most parents are going to be much more risk averse.

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