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July 19th, 2003 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Jul. 19th, 2003

12:16 am - Student Loan Debt and Unquestioning Conformity in the Workplace?


Is There a Correlation Between Student Loan Debt and Unquestioning Conformity in the Workplace?
April 4, 2003


Do young people who start their careers saddled with student loan debt, make better teamplayers, i.e. (unquestioning conformists) in the workplace? Do they tow the line better than workers who have no debt, and can afford to walk away from an unpleasant or disagreeable job, or who are free to try out lower paying jobs more suited to their natural inclinations?

I would argue, yes.

Indeed, in a free society, there may be no more effective way to turn creative, and independent-thinking young people into predictable, socialized, and well-trained teamplayers (robots, drones, what have you) than to get them to go to college, and take out a student loan.

Currently in Congress, there is debate over whether to raise the limit for undergraduate borrowing from $23,000 to $30,000. I'm pleased to hear there are some people who feel raising that limit would actually give the higher education industry the green light to keep up their happy, largely unchallenged habit of making annual tuition hikes at a rate higher than inflation. As long as the money from student loans fill their coffers, what's to stop them? Student loan funds are a deep pockets source of moola, and the higher education industry has long since grown accustomed to feeding from that trough.

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01:06 am - Dating and LiveJournal

If you break up with someone In Real Life, you often don't see them again or infrequently, so the story of their lives ends at that point for you. However, if you break up with someone who has a LiveJournal account (assuming you remain friends), you see the aftermath of the break-up on their lives into the future.

Sometimes I wish I had me one of those Ground Hog Day Devices.

08:44 pm - Twirly Girl

Featuring the exclusive TurboTassel™ construction, Twirly Girl's practically spin themselves! ( Not work safe )

Courtesy of Flutterby.

09:20 pm - Herbert Simon, dirty socialist


UBI and the Flat Tax

A response to "A Basic Income for All"by Philippe van Parijs.

Herbert A. Simon

I am in strong general agreement with Philippe Van Parijs's argument for a UBI or "patrimony"-a portion of the product of a society that should be shared by all of those who inhabit that society. To establish such a patrimony is equivalent to recognizing shared ownership of a significant fraction of the resources, physical and intellectual, that enable the society to produce what it produces. As the essay makes a very strong case for the UBI and its feasibility, I will limit my comments to just two issues: (1) why a UBI (or patrimony) would be just; and (2) some problems of incentives that such a system poses and that need to be handled effectively.

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