July 17th, 2003


Rolling Gothic


Tumbleweed-The Complexity of Living Simply

When I first set out to build a little place of my own I had no idea what I was in for. As it turned out, little houses are illegal in my town, just as they are in most other populated areas of the country. Minimum size standards have been established to keep small dwellings from popping up and lowering the property value and prestige of larger homes in America’s urban and suburban communities. To meet these standards I would have to build a house about three times as big as what I really needed. To escape them I would have to move outside city limits, away from my community and beyond what I consider a reasonable bicycling distance.

I resolved to put my home on wheels. The construction of travel trailers is, after all, governed by maximum, not minimum, size restrictions. So, three years ago, with a flatbed utility trailer as my foundation, I began building the tiny house that has since become known as Tumbleweed. I have lived here about a year and I am now writing to share my design, building and living experiences to date.

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