June 26th, 2003


Sabine Herold, France's Margaret Thatcher

There's still hope for liberty in France


'You work so hard - I love it'
(Filed: 26/06/2003)


Sabine Herold, 21, has been called France's answer to Margaret Thatcher. Alice Thomson brought her to London and showed her the sights

Sabine is my new French exchange partner. She is a political science student, very beautiful and speaks perfect English. She has also just become the most famous 21-year-old in France.

Dubbed France's Lady Thatcher by the newspapers, Mademoiselle Herold has been leading the rallies against the unions who have been crippling her country. Standing on a telephone box in her pearl earrings and high heels, she addresses crowds of 80,000, urging them to rise up against the striking teachers, Metro workers, rubbish collectors and air traffic controllers who are ruining people's lives. With her student friends, she has set up an organisation: Liberte J'Ecris Ton Nom, which has thousands of members, demanding that France reforms.

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