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June 25th, 2003 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Jun. 25th, 2003

12:47 pm - Wanted: One State for a Political Experiment

Wanted: One State for a Political Experiment
Trish Anderton, 2003-06-23

For decades, Libertarians have warned that big government is eroding basic American rights. The Libertarian party advocates low taxes and a bare minimum of laws and regulations. Now some activists have formed the Free State Project to demonstrate that such a government would work. Their plan is for 20-thousand members of the organization to move to the same state. With that critical mass, they'd try to reshape how that state is run. New Hampshire Libertarians are holding events all week to convince the Free Staters to make the Granite State their political Laboratory.

[RealAudio and Windows Media files of interview available at link]


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