June 8th, 2003


Squick and Rain

You know how sometimes the tag on your shirt will tickle your neck?

You ever reach back to push the tag down, and discover that the "tag" scratching your neck is really a 1 inch long black beetle?

* Squick * Squick * Squick *


Went running for 45 minutes this morning. There's an awesome trail that runs from my new apartment to Shelley Lake. On my way back, it started pouring rain, big, warm fat droplets. It was like someone had turned on a shower head in the sky. It never rains like that in Idaho.


The Mustek DV3000 Digital Camera has amazing specs for the price: $175.00. Runs on 2 AA batteries, takes 2.1 mega-pixel stills, records 320 x 240 AVI movies, accepts SD and MMC memory cards: