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May 3rd, 2003 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

May. 3rd, 2003

10:01 pm - What if school were like a really bad job?

Russell Nelson asks: What if school were like a really bad job?

# the work is boring
# the job itself has no relationship to your skillset.
# the task switches hourly even if you weren't finished.
# you aren't getting paid anything.
# if you don't buy the company's product, they take your house away.
# you can't go to the bathroom when you want.
# if you try to quit, the police come looking for you.
# you have to take your vacation when the boss dictates
# if you call in sick, the boss thinks you're malingering.
# you're still responsible for the work even though you were sick.
# the co-workers are nasty, spiteful and sexist.
# there are no mentors -- everyone is the same age.
# the only place to store your belongings is a tiny locker.
# some workplaces require you to haul your stuff all day long.
# employees go berserk and kill their teachers and co-workers.
# you have to play games on the same team with people you hate.

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