April 15th, 2003


The Impact of Zoning on Housing Affordability

Edward L. Glaeser and Joseph Gyourko
March 2002
Harvard University

"...As a whole, this paper concludes that America does not uniformly face a housing affordability crisis. In the majority of places, land costs are low (or at least reasonable) and housing prices are close to (or below) the costs of new construction. In the places where housing is quite expensive, zoning restrictions appear to have created these high prices...."


The First 1040 Form

I'm not sure how authoritative Mike Jittlov should be considered on this issue, but it's an amusing story nonetheless...

"...Most folks seem to believe that U.S. citizens have been paying a mandatory tithe ever since the Income Tax was written into the Constitution of the United States by its Founding Fathers in 1776. Oh to the contraire. Wrong century. Wrong document. Wrong gender.

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