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March 30th, 2003 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Mar. 30th, 2003

03:35 pm - Stick figure porn

Not work safe?

03:40 pm - Grandma walks...

....the dog. (warning: video link)

Courtesy of candid. Originally found at Fun4fun.com

03:55 pm - Why all babies look like Winston Churchill

Via Tastes Like Chicken


Deception fuels domestic bliss
Evolution may make men ignorant and gullible.
21 November 2001


Happy families: heartwarming domestic scene or symphony of self interest?
© Photodisc

Gentlemen: ignorance is bliss and gullibility is the best policy. A new mathematical analysis suggests that evolution favours babies who don't much resemble their fathers, and males who believe their partner when she says a child looks just like him.

Anonymous-looking newborns make for uncertain fathers. But they also allow men to father children through undetected adultery, Paola Bressan of the University of Padova calculates1. The assertion - common across many cultures - that babies are the spit of their dad, is a way to get men to care for their offspring despite their uncertainty, she adds.

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04:07 pm - Girls kissing

Title says it all. No nudity, but maybe not worksafe.

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