October 27th, 2002


Violent and loud rutting...

I found the transcript of a Crossfire debate between Max More and Jonathan Moreno, director of the University of Virginia's Center for Bioethics, over the Ted Williams cryonics case. Prior to the debate, however, was this amusing exchange:

"...CARLSON: You've seen the Democratic donkey. You are familiar with the Republican elephant. Now meet the progressive moose. After many difficult years without an official animal symbol, the Progressive Party of Vermont has settled on the moose.

We're kind of branding a little bit, explained a party spokesman. It's just a way to connect people. People love moose. Indeed, they do -- tourists from New Jersey, that is, who regard the animals as handsome, noble and quaint. A perfect emblem for a coffee cup or a bumper sticker.

Actual Vermont voters, however, may react differently. In Vermont moose are better known for giving off noxious odors, attracting bloodsucking insects and killing motorists in collisions. They're also famous for their loud and violent rutting, during which they compulsively urinate and knock down trees.


CARLSON: A fitting symbol of progressive politics.

BEGALA: I could have gone all night without hearing you talk about violent rutting, Tucker.

CARLSON: Violent and loud rutting. "