June 18th, 2002



An interesting idea...

Barbara Harris' webiste: http://www.cashforbirthcontrol.com/

A Salon article:


Cracking down

Barbara Harris pays addicted mothers $200 not to have children -- ever again.

By Jeff Stryker
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June 30, 1998 | "They're having litters. They are literally having litters."

Barbara Harris is not talking about puppies or kittens, but about addicted women who have given birth to five, 10 or 15 drug-exposed children, despite being unwilling or unable to care for them. And Harris is not just mad as hell -- she is trying, almost single-handedly, to do something about it. Last year, she founded CRACK (Children Requiring a Caring Kommunity), a nonprofit organization in Anaheim, Calif., that offers $200 to any drug-addicted or alcoholic mother who agrees to be sterilized or have Norplant implanted, or to any male drug addict or alcoholic who has a vasectomy.

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