April 14th, 2002


Death by Installments?

Robotic prosthetic eye Robotic eye implant developed by Dr. Albert Cook at the University of Alberta. Photo by John Clark, WIRED Magazine, December 2000 Issue

(Title ripped off of Peter Cochrane's paper of the same name.)
In the follow up discussion to a recent post, amanda42 made the comment:

I don't know about the downloading thing... once I downloaded my consciousness, the copy would be a separate, independent entity from me. I (this brain sitting in this hunk of meat) would still not want to die regardless of whether or not I had copied my consciousness or my body.

I'm holding out for nanotech...

Amanda's post triggered memory of a post I made on nanodot.org in response to a skeptic of uploading. In brief, I suggest that the capability to upload will happen gradually, and that as it does our definition of "self" will expand to include entities more widely distributed than our current bodies will allow.

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