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December 14th, 2001 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Dec. 14th, 2001

05:05 pm - Fall Issue of the Journal of Ayn Rand Studies

The Fall 2001 issue (volume 3, number 1) of THE JOURNAL OF AYN RAND STUDIES
is finally here.
The issue includes contributions from international scholars in psychology,
literature, philosophy, political science, and economics. You can access
full abstracts, contributor biographies, and even a picture of the cover at:


Here is the Table of Contents:

Main articles:

"On Human Capability," by Ron Beadle and Martyn Dyer-Smith

"Revival of Objectivity in Scientific Method," by Doug Fraedrich

"Poetry and History: The Two Levels of Ninety-Three," by Michelle Fram-Cohen

"Teaching Ayn Rand's Version of Ethical Egoism," by Tibor R. Machan

Book reviews:

"Do Knowledge, Ethics, and Liberty Require Free Will?: A review of Tibor
Machan's Initiative: Human Agency and Society," by William Dwyer

"Individualist Ethics and the Welfare State: A review of David Kelley's A
Life of One's Own: Individual Rights and the Welfare State," by Douglas Den Uyl

"Porter's Rand: A Commentary: A review of Tom Porter's Ayn Rand's Theory of
Knowledge: A Commentary," by Carolyn Ray

"Can Academics Learn from a Mere Clinical Psychologist?: A review of
Nathaniel Branden's The Art of Living Consciously: The Power of Awareness
to Transform Everyday Life," by Robert L. Campbell

"Economic Incorrectness: A review of James Arnt Aune's Selling the Free
Market: The Rhetoric of Economic Correctness," by Leland B. Yeager

"How Not to Guide Students to Rand's Fiction: A review of Andrew
Bernstein's CliffsNotes to Anthem, The Fountainhead, and Atlas Shrugged,"
by Kirsti Minsaas

"Reclaiming Rand: A review of Mimi Reisel Gladstein's Atlas Shrugged:
Manifesto of the Mind," by Karen Michalson

"Ayn Rand in the Scholarly Literature," by Gregory R. Johnson and Chris
Matthew Sciabarra

"A Guide to Rand Scholarship II," by Matthew Stoloff


"Reply to D. Barton Johnson: Nabokov and Rand: Kindred Ideological Spirits,
Divergent Literary Aims," by Gene H. Bell-Villada

"Reply to George Walsh: Rethinking Rand and Kant," by R. Kevin Hill

The Spring 2002 table of contents for THE JOURNAL OF AYN RAND STUDIES
promises to be just as exciting ... so stay tuned. We have a lead essay in
that issue written by one of the most important voices in contemporary
Continental philosophy: Slavoj Zizek.

Here are the specific links for Fall 2001:



Chris Matthew Sciabarra, Visiting Scholar
NYU Department of Politics
715 Broadway
New York, New York 10003-6806
Dialectics and Liberty Website:
Total Freedom: Toward a Dialectical Libertarianism
The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies:

05:06 pm - The Church of Google

Google is more worthy of worship than most religions I know:

You can ask Google anything, and you will almost always get answers that are relevant.

Google doesn't require you to give up 10% of your income.

Google doesn't say you can't have sex. In fact, google enables you to find sex partners, no matter how strange your kink.

Google doesn't cause it's followers to burn witches, blow up Buddha's, blacklist Jews, beat up Blacks, or bilk old ladies.

Google can help you become immortal better than any religion can.

And now you search 100's of mail order catalogs.

I think I'm going to start a religion. Now I just got to find some nubile groupies...

05:16 pm - How Coin Slides and Rejectors Work



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