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November 20th, 2001 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Nov. 20th, 2001

09:47 am - Danny Yee's Review of Books

I discovered Danny Yee's Review of Books about 2.5 years ago. His review of Philip Greenspun's Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing (then known as Database Backed Web Sites) sparked a rather large shift in the direction my career has taken.

Yee's site is a model of organization and usability. The site is indexed by author, title, subject, and latest reviews. Each review includes standardized bibliographic information. A monthly mailing list with links to the latest reviews is also available.

Although Yee's values differ dramatically from mine in some ways (his views tend toward left anarchism), I find he's almost always worth reading. (He's popular with Google as well--do a search of "book reviews" and Yee's site pops up second, after the New York Times.)

Here's a sample review of Genius Explained by Michael J. A. Howe (Cambridge University Press 1999 )

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