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November 13th, 2001 - Open Knowledge — LiveJournal

Nov. 13th, 2001

07:20 pm - Dave McClure on Internet Taxes

Via Declan McCullagh's Politech mailing list.

From: "Dave McClure" <dmcclure@usiia.org>
To: <declan@well.com>
Subject: RE: More on Senate voting soon on Sen. Mike Enzi's Net-tax
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 11:19:02 -0500


A few points to make in the discussion of Internet taxation:

1) One of the key points of the Quill decision was the assertion by
North Dakota that sales taxes were the primary funding mechanism for
essential government services that include fire and police as well as
upkeep to the highways and streets. It was essentially the old
"Football" dodge (wherein the school district claims that without an
increase in property taxes they will have to eliminate the very popular
school football team) -- inferring that without the ability to tax
anyone they wished people would die, crime would run rampant and the
roads would go to hell.

The ploy backfired when the Court then asked why out of state vendors
should be forced to pay for services they could and would never use.
If the tax was the mechanism with which to fund government services, the
Court reasoned, it should be paid for by the people who use and benefit
from those services.

No service = No tax

Hence, nexus. Businesses should be required to pay taxes in any
location in which they are provided government services. That is what
the law provides for today, and the way it should remain.

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07:23 pm - What Have You Read?

Eric Leuliette knows. He's kept a list of every book he's read since 1974.

08:19 pm - Annika Irmler: Owner of World's Longest Tongue

Via flutterby:

09:38 pm - SF Bay Area outing to see Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone

I'm planning on going--anyone else like to go?

A post by Carol Shaw to the exi-bay and cryonet mailing lists:

I'm planning to see the movie "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"
some friends on Sunday December 9 at the AMC Mercado 20 in Santa Clara,
California. Extropians, cryonicists, and all else interested are
invited to
join us. We are waiting a few weeks for the crowds to die down and so I
use my gift certificates. We will go to a matinee showing and then go
for food afterwards. Details will be sent a few days beforehand when
show times are posted.

Carol Shaw
E-mail: carol@carol.com

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