October 8th, 2001


Temporary walls in Northern California?

Rents are still exorbitant in the Bay Area, and my housemates and I are considering partitioning off part of our apartment to create another room. Since we rent, we obviously can't throw up some studs and gypsum board. We need temporary walls that are reasonably sturdy, go from floor to ceiling, leave no marks, and can hold a door.

In the New York area, two companies specialize in creating temporary separation walls for apartments--The Wall Company and Living Space,
. They provide exactly what we want. Here's a picture:

temporary wall

Unfortunately, we live in Palo Alto. I haven't been able to find someone who provides a similar service in the Northern California area. However, it seems almost certain that such a business already exists. Do any of you know where I might find something like this in the Bay Area?