September 19th, 2001


Mike and Ray Mentzer dead

I didn't know Mike or Ray Mentzer personally, but I've vaguely followed their careers because a) they were the first brothers to win the Mr. Olympia contest, and b) because both were fans of Ayn Rand's writing. Mike even advertised her books on the welcome page to his web site:

For those who are interested in fulfilling their full human potential - mind and body - I suggest you order my
books and specific ones from Ayn Rand - namely, her first grand-scale novel "The Fountainhead" which
should be read concurrent with her book of explicit philosophic essays "Philosophy: Who Needs It?" if you
desire to pursue a logical, methodic study of Objectivism.

Mike died of a heart attack in his sleep on June 10, 2001. Ray died the next day, June 11. He suffered from a blood clotting disorder (Berger's disease) that caused kidney failure.