September 18th, 2001


Bounty on Osama Bin Laden

Via The Independent Institute


In the wake of the terror attacks on New York City and Washington,
D.C., a group of investors is setting up a bounty fund of $1 billion
to "wipe out" the terrorists and harboring governments responsible.

Although the approach may seem farfetched, there is ample historical
precedent for the practice.

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Society for Amateur Scientists

The Society for Amateur Scientists, a unique collaboration between
world-class professionals and citizen scientists, is dedicated to the
proposition that making discoveries is the birthright of all free
people. We remove the roadblocks that prevent ordinary people from
participating in scientific adventures of all kinds. Now you are
limited only by your own intelligence, drive, and ambition.

Our members include people with no technical training whatsoever all
the way to people with Ph.D.s in one field who want to explore fields
outside their training. Our aim is to get everyone involved to the
limits of their own desire; from tinkering in their own garage to
working on stimulating projects on the front lines of science
regardless of age, ethnicity or background.

We are the world's premiere support organization for amateur
scientists. We define "amateur" to mean anyone who wants to do science
simply for the pleasure of finding things out.