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Beginner Motorcycle Gear

Ever since I was a little kid, I've wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle. However, when I was still living at home, my Mom wouldn't have it, and when I got older, I was frightened by the 16X higher fatality rate (per mile traveled) of motorcycle riders compared to auto drivers. Most of those increased fatalities are due to a) not wearing a helmet b) alcohol intoxication c) speeding. I don't drink, and I always plan to wear a helmet. Speeding may be a problem (I sometimes speed in the car).

However, I think the sheer fun of riding outweighs the risk. The biggest obstacle for me right now is that I live in an apartment complex, and don't have a covered garage to store the bike. The risk of theft is therefore quite high. I plan to mitigate the risk by buying an inexpensive bike which may make it less likely to be stolen, as well as a decent bike lock.

Here's what I estimate the costs to be:

Honda Rebel 250 -- $1500
Aerostitch Roadcrafter two piece riding suit -- $750
Shoei RF-800 helmet -- $270
Cruiserboots Classic motorcycle boots-- $230
Abus Steel-O-Flex 1000 lock/cable -- $150
MSF riding course -- $110
insurance (annual) -- $400
repairs (annual) -- $200
Draggin Jeans -- $80
Draggin Shirt -- $80
Joe Rocket V2 Glove -- $60
black silk undershirt -- $35
Bikemaster Covermax Bike cover -- $50
Abus WA-50 floor anchor - $50
motorcyle registration -- $20
gasoline -- ? (depends on how much I ride)

Bike: $1500.00
Gear and ancillary expenses: ~$2500.00

Suggestions and comments are welcome.
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